If a girl loses interest because a guy isn't interested, would she give him another chance if he became interested?

if a girl lost interest because you didn't show interest in her right away - after a few months when you sorted your s*** out, how would she react to you wanting to try again? actually showing interest this time, would she regain her interest?


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  • She'd probably be pissed and annoyed.

    • well she is both pissed and annoyed. is it to late though?

  • Why wait a few months? It might be too late then..

    • i had a lot going on because of the holidays and just wasn't ready. now i am, but i feel like she has lost interest..

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    • and i do see her quite often, it's just a passing though. i can't tell if she's still interested or not, i mean I'm going to try, hopefully she will regain interest. thank you!

    • Sure, just remember if you do this approach is to make it obvious you are interested. Because she may feel like it's a cat and mouse game or you're still unsure. So you should just flat out and tell her and ask her if it's okay for you guys to go on a date and take her out. Let her know you've been going through a lot but would like to date her.

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