Is he loosing interest?

We have been On 3 dates... first was dinner, second was a movie... third date was just coffee... is there a reason for certain locations?

Which dates are more promising that there's interest? We have been talking for Almost 3 months and ONLY 3 dates... at first I was busy with work and school But now it seems he is busy.

we have long text conversations every other Day.
  • By the 3rd date guys can tell if there's an interest
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  • It takes lots of dates To figure out the interest
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  • Date Locations says a lot in interest
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Im not concerned about money regarding the dates... more like time frame and environment of the date location. Does it say anything about interest?


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  • It sounds to me, as Wise as an ol Owl that I think that I am, with some Writing on the Date Mate wall and All, He just might be Feeling... Suffocated with having to spend money, honey. He is watching his Almighty money right now.
    If it was All Good the First and second time, I am guessing the Last Time... He was just being Frugal, not Forgetful in giving a Hoot about you.
    He is good with his open lines of convo on his own end, this is the main thing. However, it doesn't Mean that "Three strikes, you're Out," it could Mean he is Saving up for a possible More in Store with his tight buck so he can take you Out to Paint the town Red Instead.
    However, you could open up yourself so you can maybe Breath a Bit Easier by Suggesting something Cheaper and to Offer to help Pay by Going... Dutch.
    Good luck. xx

    • Oh... I did not mean anything by it regarding money. I was talking more about time frame and environment. I offered Paying last date, he declined quickly. I just dont know his interest level regarding the dating locations... is dinner more formal?

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    • Oh, so welcome, sweetie and thank you for the Like. However, if you see that there is not a fourth date coming up, because there should be, be forthright and suggest something where you both are on the same page and available to go out. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence, sweetie. xxoo

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  • If he wasn't interested, there would have never been a second or third date haha right @igfunnyboi?

    • First date - Dinner (expensive), Second date - Movie (Well, it's ok), Third date - Coffee (You cheapo :P) This is called "gradually losing interest" :P @Saletri

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    • I guess him being busy can be a reason as well. Coffee dates take much less time compared to the other two. Or, may be he's having a tough time with his expenses. Since you're chatting for ling hours, I don't see any interest being lost 😊

    • @igfunnyboi makes sense 👍🏻 thanks!

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