Men: Have you ever said you just wanted to keep things casual and then changed your mind?

I've known this dude since December. We've slowly gotten to know each other and have so much in common and always have a blast together. He's mentioned multiple times how much he likes me and enjoys spending time with me. Recently I've started noticing him falling harder and have become hopeful about the future. Then, last night, he said the above. It really surprised me but I appreciated the honesty. He also said he wanted me to know this so I didn't feel like he was "leading me on." Was I way off or something? Not that into me? I feel like distance might help this situation since at this moment I'm crushed and disappointed. He said he wants to keep seeing me but there's really no way I could do that. Too many feels.


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  • He won't change his mind


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  • Based on what I just read, I don't think he will change his mind.


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