Why did he post this on social media if he is semi-seeing me?

For the past 2 months this guy and I have hung out a few times and have had sex. I wasn't looking for anything serious nor was he (we are 21). I caught feelings, however, and he said he never has had a girlfriend and just has one nighters every so often.

I haven't heard from him in a week (we live an hour away unless I am at home, then it's a half hour). He posted a pic of him picking up a girl and saying "the girlfriend is back!!!" Then right after "jk but I wish 😢"

What did he mean? If he has been having sex with me and we had plans to see each other again, what is this?
*weve had sex a few times


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  • Who was this other girl?

    • I have no idea

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    • I don't know man guys are confusing sometimes we want something but don't admit it and try to hint at wanting something but when push comes to shove we back down...

What Girls Said 1

  • Its hard to answer your question without knowing each of your personalities. Maybe he is trying to make you jealous, or subtly hint that he wants a girlfriend, or maybe he is just making a girlfriend joke and didn't assume it would bother you because you guys are only casually seeing each other. Best thing is to ask him.

    • He said he "doesn't like girls that way" and isn't looking for that. I'm leaning towards it was a joke, but if he doesn't want a girlfriend then why post that?

    • Especially since it involves the chick... Like is it "I wish my girlfriend was back" or "I wish she was my gf"

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