Why do guys chase girls that are not their type?

I'm a girly girl I like to dress up , wear makeup , do my nails and rock hair weaves, and hate sports. I hear guys who say they prefer tomboys or girls who wear makeup. BUT CAME AND TALKED TO ME , clearly I'm not a tomboy and I love makeup so why are you trying to date me? I find men weird I'm not gone approach or hit a man up if he is not my type. But guys will waste your time, try to get with you just to try and change you with?


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  • i know exactly what you are talking about !! happens ALL the time. i just answered a similar question about how guys claim they love a natural look but then go for girls who like makeup and doing their hair and nails. thats me. and all these guys who just looove natural girls always come my way. they are just confused. i dont know why they love to claim these things.

    • I think they are idiots or maybe intimidated or maybe don't want you to look extra good cause it attracts more competition

    • yup. i've been around a guy like that for sure. he would get super mad when other guys would look my way and tell me that i dress provocative (i'd just be wearing a t shirt that isn't even lowcut with some short shorts on a hot summer day) and wear too much makeup (i dont cake it on, i just like makeup and im good at it so i just use it to enhance my features, not change my face) and that i need to look more conservative! he didn't even want me to have my hair down, said i look better with my hair up because i look more like professional or something. tf? needless to say, i stopped talking to him.

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  • Types are stupid, I will try all types of girls until I know for sure what I like


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  • Some of that what you just wrote doesn't even make sense like wtf...

    • Sorry I didn't proof read

    • The only part I see where I used mixed up words was the ending, I hate auto correct

    • It's okay just saying... It confused the hell out of me while reading lol 😅

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