Should I approach her again today?

Last week I approached a girl in my college class that I find attractive. Her response was asking me my name and then shaking my hand saying "it's nice to meet you." I did say she was pretty and asked if I could get to know her. She says "maybe when the semester ends... maybe." Her response confused me. I feel like I should be doing more. After today, I won't see her again until after Spring Break. Do I talk to her again or just forget about it for good?


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  • Like I know a guy in my school that likes me but he pretend as if he doesn't like me...

    • Why don't you talk to him?

  • No, that was her way of rejecting you nicely. Don't worry though, there is always another one around the corner

    • I always felt that. But coming from another woman it makes sense. Thank you.

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