3rd date rules?

I've been seeing a guy that a mutual friend set me up with, we kissed on our second date and I'd really like to give things a chance of going somewhere, we are having our 3rd date tonight and although he's been a perfect gentleman, I'm guessing he may be thinking of getting physical soon, how long can I continue with dates that don't cross that line, he seems really genuine and decent


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  • If you're wondering how you can keep things as they are, you can't.

    Things will move forward, or they will end. Now what -speed- you might be able to influence.

    What's the third date?

    • 1st date was drinks then we met up with the friends that introduced us, 2nd date was cinema and drinks after, 3rd date a drive around the coast, thank-you for your opinion and agree with what you sais

    • I expect he will try to go a little further than a kiss, but maybe not THAT much further. If he was thinking third date = sex, he'd have suggested he make dinner for you at his place, or something. Obviously driving around you have options, but it's not obvious it's time to get down.

      I think you need to clear up in your mind:
      - what are you looking for?
      - what do you need to move forward?

      Don't be embarrassed to say what you want - it will scare him off if he DOESN'T want that, but not if he does.

      And if you're not ready, its much better to explain that then leave him wondering if you're not ready, or not into him.

    • You have been really helpful so thank-you

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  • ask him where he sees it going.

    • Afraid of scaring him off?

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    • Lol definitely and I agree, kinda getting the vibes that he's looking for longterm so it would probably be a good idea to broach the subject, thank-you so much for your opinion

    • you're welcome! and have fun on your date!! (:

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  • There's no rules. He may be okay without much touching for awhile. If I were him, how much I would want physical contact would depend on how interested I was and what we did on the dates. If you're engaged in conversation or an activity, he may not be thinking about touching much. It depends on the person.

  • ain't no rules, go with the flow and be comfortable with all the decisions you make.

  • I always follow the "no sex by 3rd date, no 4th date" rule...


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