Should I ask this girl out?

So there's this girl who works at the gym I go to. She's been eye balling me some. Not a lot, but just sometimes. She has bent over in my direction (granted I was like kind of across the room) while vacuuming. My homie him being someone just speaks to people (though he's attracted to her too) has said a couple things to her. For some reason she always seems to have an impression that she wish I'd say something to her instead. In any case I hate being a wishful thinker, so I'm kind of thinking of just not saying shit to her. What do you all think? I'll probably be there again tomorrow.


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  • I have a question to you. How come you do not have antennas out that pick up her signals. It seems that other people not only have their antennas up but those antennas not only pick up signals to them but seem to be picking up signals directed at you. Why are you the only airplane with either no antennas were very weak receivers? I believe that is obvious she is making a pass at you. I know that, "making a pass" seems directly out of 1940 but that's the best way I can describe it. Rather than become a wishful thinker, question why you are blocking out her attempted pass. It is obvious that she wants you to talk to her and eventually asked her out. I don't want to go into why that fact is true others have already commented on that. I go back to my original question because if you don't improve your perception/reception then this will be a problem applicable to this girl and girls in the future. Your sensitivity has been diminished for some reason and I believe that reason is fear. Fear that heaven forbid you are wrong and misinterpreted the signal. So rather than attempt to pick up on the signal, out of fear, you block it out. You "block it out" for fear of misinterpreting the signal, acting on it and getting rejected. I am not a psychologist but there must be something called fear of rejection. The only way you can increase your ability to perceive what a girl is throwing out is to keep acting on it, increasingly amplitude and fine tuning the signal. Obviously I am using radio analogy so I will continue. Whether I am at a bar, a club, a gym, a restaurant, at school while working in the sewer of a New York City subway as a girl, like all other girls I give out signals if I'm interested in a guy. Bending over posing a little bit of boob, catching his eye glance, staring at him for a bit or getting in his way (like in the 1800s they drop handkerchief) in order to get the guys attention. You are not picking up on the signal/signals. I doubt it's the transmission of the signal I am certainly inclined to believe it is the reception. You are in a fog, a self induced fog in order to avoid getting hurt. I say name it and claim it and look at it analyze it and get it over with.

    • It's how I am. It works in my favor at times and not in my favor at other times. You know those who deem people "douche bags"? Where does that come from? Some of these "douche bags" are nothing more than wishful thinkers. They think every female wants them. They think every little thing means she wants to get in their pants. I'm a methodical person. It's who I am. It can be what attracts females at times. Why would I change that?

      I've picked up on something... just not sure what it is. Is it a ghost signal or something substantial?

      But in any case I'm somewhat convinced to small talk with her.

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  • There isn't enough to say you will have a good chance, but if you're feeling bold why not? Have no expectations


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  • What have you got to lose? I mean, assuming you don't come across like a total creeper. LOL

    I mean, as long as you'd be able to play it off and still interact normally with her (and/or just go back to the normal state of non-interaction with her) if the answer is "negatory", you really have nothing to lose, here.

    • How would I come across as a creeper? I have a quiet personality. She can tell that easily. Anybody can. So if they are cool with that I doubt they'd picture me as a creeper.

      Well I really don't pay her a whole lot of attention to begin with, so yeah I don't know why I'd ever start if I never get with her or whatever. That would be against who I am.

    • If there's little or zero chance of creeper vibe, you have literally nothing to lose.

      In that case, the worst-case scenario is exactly identical to the current situation.

    • Okay. I hate wishful thinking, but I also hate feeling like I've turned chicks down. I hate that feeling too.

  • Heya,
    You should definitely go for it. At least then you can't say you missed the opportunity right.
    take care :)

  • Wait let me see if I understand... you never talked to her yet?
    If not... try small talks then asker out for a drink or coffee...

  • Ask her out

    • Why do you think I should?

    • because if you don't, you'll just never know. It's all about that risk, but you'll never know if you don't take it.

  • Sure lol Do it when she not busy!


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