What should I do in regards to all this?

I really like and care about this girl. Known her for 6 months, became friends, let it be said we got to the point of flirting so much. I asked her to hang out at the mall together, and she said yes (seemed happy bout it too). When I tried to figure out a date and time, she seemed to brush it off. I tried texting her, SC'ing her etc, but I either got no response or a few quick words. I know she works a lot, and has been busy, but she also has time to post things on social media, so I find it hard to believe she can't reply to a text. I got a few responses from her, but they were quick 2 word responses. I really like her, but should I just stop texting her for a bit, and see if she comes to me? I just don't want her to think I lost interest, but I also feel like she doesn't care and I shouldn't waste my time. Ideas? Need more details feel free to ask!


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  • If you get to see this girl in public or if you know where she is a certain points in the day, talk to her face-to-face and have a full on conversation with her. It's a lot harder to avoid someone when they are right in front of you.


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