Girls, How do I ask out a girl?

She's my complete opposite,. She's a country girl who believes in the simple life and I am an complicated city boy. I have no idea how to even bring it up. It's not that I want to begin a relationship—I just want to "ask her out" (not in a sexual way). What do I even ask? She's not too comfotable with me for a date-date, so what do I do. Genuinely speaking, I feel it's one of those things that you have to play cool or you ruin it, which is funny because together, we're complete goofs. What do I ask her? or how?


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  • ask her if she wants to meet up for a drink... OH NO, TAKE HER ON A PICNIC!!! SOOO CUTE!!! just say (to her face, try to avoid spaces with lots of people around if your worried she will say no) and say, hey do you wanna meet up sometime... and it goes from there.
    Hope that helps X

  • So you want to ask her out but not date her?

    • You know... like to get to know each other or just have fun - not right off the bat as romance.

    • Just ask if she wants to hang out sometime and just treat her as a friend

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