I can't seem to get over this guy?

It was 2 years ago when I met this guy and he seemed to good to be true
Handsome and gentlemen. Then he started to verbally abuse me months later after we had sex. I believe the sex made me emotionally attached.

Anyways it's been 2 years and I just contacted him again

I contacted him last year too and he never responded and I would get upset because he would never respond

I talked to my therapist about this but I seem to can't let this go
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Most Helpful Girl

  • You need to let him go. He verbally abused you that is a complete no no in any relationship. The guy is no good even if he acted like a gentleman at the beginning. He has shown you his true self.
    Move forward find someone who will treat you with respect all of the time.
    He is actually doing you a favour by ignoring your messages.
    It is really positive that you are seeing a therapist who can help with your self esteem so that you can see you are a fantastic human being who deserves love and respectm

    • I was raped 4 years ago so I have been in therapy for a while

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What Guys Said 2

  • "but I seem to can't let this go"

    At least you know your problem.

  • Daddy issues? Lol

    • No. Alabama issues

    • Do you have Alabama issues?

What Girls Said 1

  • Most of them time they don't really like you. It's just you thinking you have a chance with them.
    we have to get over this by just talkin about it

    • I wish I could give you and the other girl mho because I thought about your opinion and it really made me feel better
      I do not know why it did but it helped
      So thanks

    • i'm going through it as well so u know,, chin up

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