He seems not interested enough but is willing to date without any pressure, should I continue this kind of relationship?

Weve been dating for almost 3 months now and had "the talk" twice already which didn't go anywhere. Broke it off then a week later we kind of agreed to spend time together without any pressure (this was our convo last night and he's out of town, going back on Friday only)

I feel that he is not interested enough due to him putting a little effort the past weeks before we broke it off.

I honestly want to spend time with him but whenever I think that he is not interested at all, i feel awful. Im confused as to what i should do. I left him hanging with our convo last night as i dont know what to say. Should i not message him until he comes back? Is this worth trying again if he's not that interested?


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  • This is going nowhere and was over before it even started. Move on


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  • This is the new douche. The guy who wants a girlfriend but doesn't want to be a boyfriend. Who wants a girl to commit to him while he's free to roam. Aka- why he didn't nail it down during "the talks". It's either that, or it's just not there. Either way, what I would do is dive into your own life more. Go back to beibg around friends, doing things you love, basically act like you're single. Because you are. Go date other men, even if you don't want to. It'll be good for you. Don't jump to reply or answer his texts. Put him in the same category as an acquaintance, or a guy that you have friend zoned in the past. Be friendly, but not too available or wanting. Make you #1, put him in the friend zone. If it works out and he shows you and tells you he wants a relationship, great. If not, then you just keep doing you :)

  • I think you should wait till a couples of days to message him back. I'm going through something similar, I felt like my boyfriend was losing interest and I asked him, he said yes honestly... he didn't know what to talk with me. I think you should really talk to him about it, if it's really happening, try to show concerns about him, maybe the feelings will come back. But if he is acting cold and indifferent about it, like mine does, I suggest you to just move on and let go, its tired and sad to stay with someone who doesn't care anymore. Good luck!

    • I honestly dont know what to say because i was the one who brought up the "meet with no pressure" topic he didn't respond the whole day so i sent follow up text that if he is not interested, he should just tell me straight then he responded "of course i would enjoy spending time together, with no pressure" i am not happy with his answer thats why im reluctant to reply... Im thinking of moving on without saying anything..

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