I told the guy I've been seeing I love you. He said it back but asked me not to say at anymore?

I've been seeing this guy for 5 months now and we were lying in bed and I said I love you... it slipped out it felt so natural and he was surprised but said it back and then we had sex which was really personal... BUT after that he said that he didn't want me to it say for a while because he wanted to be the first to say it...(what?) and so now that I had said it first he wanted another moment for him to say it first... I dont really understand this? Is this normal? If he just isn't in love me he should just say that no? Surely since we have both said it why do we need another moment? I'm very confused can anyone make sense of the situation?


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  • The more you hear I love you the more you actually love the person. He doesn't want his feelings to grow cause he's scared.


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