My boyfriend told me, he will propose but is waiting for a special moment, its been 6 months and no proposal, am becaming impatient , what shd I do?


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  • This is a really weird situation. I mean... He knows that you know about his proposal so I'm not sure what he's trying to do by making you wait so long in the first place. It's not really a good thing to keep anyone waiting on anything, especially a proposal. Not to mention you already know about it so really, what this special moment possibly could be? I don't really know but the fact that you know about it just makes me think he's a little clueless.

    I think that it might be a good idea to talk to him about it. I think after some time the novelty of waiting kind of wears off and you end up impatient or feeling as though he didn't really want to propose at all which I take it is how you feel now. If he does want to propose to you, and he does want to marry you, then I am sure he will take your feelings to hear and will explain himself a bit better to you so that you can understand why he is doing the things the way he is doing them. :)

    • We have talked about it, he just tells me he is waiting for the right time because he wants to make its special.

    • I think the longer he makes you wait the less special it will become don't you agree? At least, that's how I would feel in a situation like that. I mean it's nice that he wants to make it meaningful but really, at some point I would start wondering if he actually wants to get engaged. You see what I am getting at?

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  • Give him a hint, talk about your friends getting married etc.

    • I have given him hints, he said he will propose but hasn't even asked for my ring size or which ring i like yet we are suppossed to move in together and i dont want to move in before getting engaged

    • When are you two moving in together? Make it clear to him that you won't be moving in unless you two are engaged. You had that talk already, just need to give him a push :)

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  • Hang in there, marriage is a big decision since most end in divorce later, not something to rush into


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