Do guys care a lot about shyness?

I've heard that it's a turnoff to guys if you're shy or quiet because you're meant to show your glowing personality? Is confidence key with guys?


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  • Being shy and lacking confidence are not the same thing. If you're shy, it means that you're introverted and reserved. You're stimulated and energized in different ways.

    To lack confidence means that you're unsure of yourself, that you don't feel that you have anything to offer, and that you don't think that you can accomplish anything.

    If you're shy, you can still be confident. Whether you're shy or outgoing, you can be cute, sweet, sensitive, tender, funny... basically anything that guys find attractive. Your personality can "glow" in different ways.


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  • Yes.

    I've approached a girl that was shy - and it was a fcking disaster. Never again!

    • Why? What happened?

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    • Awwww I can understand why that would be difficult

    • She destroyed any chances other shy girls would have had in me approaching them.

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