How should I approach this?

I have been on and off with a girl for the past 9 months. We have only gone on several real dates but we talk on the phone all the time and Facetime a lot because I travel a lot.

So she has been dating another guy while we took a break. We started talking again recently and she told me that she only sees him as a friend and she truly wants to be with me. She cried while we Facetimed because she feels so emotionally close to me. A few weeks past and she finally broke up with her ex. I saw her for the first time yesterday since their breakup 1 week ago. We kissed, hung out, and cuddled. However, she tells me that she felt uncomfortable because she is sad because of the break up. She wanted to just not be close but continue to talk. We agreed to go on a date the following day though.

This morning she sent me a text saying that she was upset after I left her house. She texted saying she needs some time alone before she is ready to be around me and canceled the date. I just want to know what I should do at this point. Should I continue to talk to her or just completely give her space... Any thoughts would be helpful.


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  • I think you should show her you still care, but still be there for her during this time. give her some time to get over her breakup ( and as i said before, just be there for her to talk to) don't push her to hard, maybe flick a text for ask if she wants to hang out in a while. if a chick says she wants to be left alone, she means she wants space but wants to see if you still care. just come from the heart.
    Hope that helps x


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  • Move on. It's all about her and you are getting nothing from this


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