I'm 26 and never been with a woman?

I know…shocking! It’s pretty rare for someone to be 26 and never been in a relationship. It makes me feel abnormal. I feel like I have missed out on a huge part of life.

I’m an introvert and prefer to stay at home rather than going out. This means I have very few chances to meet people and form relationships. In the dating world, as a man, I have to be the one who approached and pursues women. That’s my role. If I don’t fulfil that role, I’ll be alone, like I have been. The thing is I am insanely shy, socially awkward and quite anxious in social situations which means asking a girl out is a huge deal. Add to that, that I have no self-confidence and that is critical, because as a man, I have to be confident in order to take the rejections that come with dating. It’s just a part of the deal.

I feel like there’s something wrong with me considering no one has ever liked me, at least not in a romantic sense. I must have a pretty undesirable personality. It’s also frustrating to see that something that comes so easy to the majority of men is damn near impossible to me.

At this point, I have become negative, cynical, jaded and jealous. Even if I do net someone who likes me, I’ll have the whole stigma of being a 26 year old virgin. I mean, what girl wants to date a guy like that? I have been working on accepting that I’m going to be alone forever, but it’s a hard road to travel.

I’m not really sure what to do at this point of my life. I want companionship…. badly, but that just reeks of desperation. Besides, I’m not sure why any girl would want me. There’s hasn’t been any indication in the past of any girl wanting to.

So, I guess if someone could guide me as to how to come to terms with being alone and being content with it, I'd appreciate it.
I'm 26 and never been with a woman?
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