Girls, Why would find a random guy you just met "Scary " ?

You meet a group of random guys for the first time. There are 5 random guys in the group.

You initiate conversation with 4 of the random guys on the spot, but don't even try talking and avoid eye-contact with the other random guy completely.

So why would you initiate conversation 4 of the random guys but ignore one random guy?
  • I find that one random guy scary , because of his facial expression, so I ignore talking to him.
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  • I find that one random guy scary, because he looks ugly.
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  • I find that one random guy scary, because he looks like he finds me attractive , but I don't.
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  • I find that one random guy scary, because I am very attracted to him and like him a lot.
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  • Any other reason. (Please specify via opinion).
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  • I would not talk to him and be scared if he was giving off weird vibes or if he seemed threatening in anyway. It doesn't matter if he's attractive. A pretty face doesn't mean you're safe. Neither does an ugly face or any face for that matter. We women have been taught to trust our instincts and in all honestly if there was a group of 5 or so men, I would not be likely to walk up to them by myself or with a friend unless I know the majority of the group just to insure my safety

    • Thanks :) Would you find a shy/quiet guy give off weird or threatening vibes?

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    • Bc my instincts are telling me he's a ducking creepy ass dude

    • Have you met a random guy who exuded a sexual vibe?

  • Ugh who says she is scared. Did you make an effort to talk to her? Have stand offish body language?

    • Thanks :)) All were random people. This random girl starts to talk with other guys instantly, but ignores me?

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    • I can come off a little strong sometimes; my filter is broken, and I am not one to coddle but I also don't like to potentially hurt the feelings of someone who already seems like they may be having a rough time either.

    • I think you lift weights a lot !!

      But anyways I just want to ask you a question. Have you met a random guy who exudes sexual vibe?

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