Why do the wrong guys always hit on me?

So I am a university student who is looking for a guy who is educated or serious about his education, dresses professionaly, and is respectful. I don't care about things such as muscles or tattoos or anything like that I am more into brains and just an overall intelligent guy. Unfortunately the men in my classes only seem to stare at me and the guys who do hit on at bars or clubs when I got out are in their late 20's (I am 22 and looking for around the same age) and are either not educated, or just seem like badboys and players which I am not into at all.

How can I attract a decent nice intelligent guy who is as focused on his education and career as I am? I don't dress provactively or anything either I don't understand.


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  • Ever considered hitting on the right guys? Instead of waiting around for them?

    • I don't really know how I'd go about doing that to be honest.

    • Well, you've start somewhere, I mean its not like us guys start approaching the ladies from the get go. It takes time, but it makes finding someone you want a possibility unlike waiting for the right person.

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  • lol Good luck. Most men in College and out of College are not focused on an education and career as a general rule of thumb. You´re aiming high. Not that it´s bad, but you have to take your time because it might take a while to find a guy like this.

  • I'm both smoking hot and a physics undergrad.

    U wet?

    • Nah you may have the degree but you still seem like an idiot.

  • Umm... there are intelligent guys who have tattoos and take care of their bodies?

    • And most of them are gay.

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    • I actually love tattoos and think men with them are very attractive it just adds to them though I would never go after a guy just for the fact that he has tattoos and yes most of the guys who have hit on me tend to have the badboy look and tend to be idiots so I have made that correlation in my mind but only because of past experiences... I am not opposed to dating an intelligent man with tattoos hell that would be perfect.

    • You'll probably find some at the gym

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