Im kind of confused here?

I had worked with this girl who i liked but i had a lot going on at the time and she was giving me signs of intrestd that werent direcet and by the time i realized it it was kind of too late. i was changeing jobs and my last two days she started talking to me a lot more and she saw that i was looking at car i was plainng on going across the country to get she asked if she could come with me the inital plan was to fly out there but she talked me into dirveing up and trailer in the car back becasue we could spend more time together that way (48 hour round trip) i agreed then at the my last day came i asked her for her number and she said shed give it to me saying she can't wait to gol on the trip but she left before me and i got no nummber. now my freind is dating her sister and he been asking me questions like if i like her or would date her and that he was not supposed to say anything to me they just wanted to know what he thought id say and im like i agreed to spend two days on the road with her she sould alerady know the ansers i dont know what to do right now. and that car fell through but thers plenty more and i still plan on finding one even just taking her to the place the first one was in. im just lost right now


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  • The "Two days on the road with her" may have fell through here, dear, but a Date or a Mate... Doesn't Necessarily have to.
    Tell your bud that you are asking about her And... Give Him a number to give to her and tell her "Call me sometime when you are ready to take a Slower ride."
    You both may have been going too fast with this 'Trip,' so if you should get a Second Chance.. maybe this time a Romance.
    Good luck. xx


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