What should I do about this girl?

I'm a 23 year old guy in college and I met the most amazing girl. She is 22 and has already graduated, but will be going to medical school to become a doctor. She is VERY intelligent and very classy. She is very mature and I can tell she is definitely a woman and not a girl. We went to dinner, but it seemed like we were both really busy and couldn't find time to schedule another date. She is taking classes and works at least 40 hours every week and supports herself & rents a house by herself. The few times I have asked if she would like to go out again, she claimed she always had to work. She reassured me that she was still very interested in getting to know me, though. I finally texted her and asked her if she really wanted to get to know me, or if she'd rather just be friends. She wasn't happy with that and told me that she wanted a relationship, but she was really busy. She texted me the next day and said that we should probably go our separate ways since she is moving soon, is really independent, and that doesn't work for most guys. She wished me best of luck and after I begged for a second chance, she said no. I have fallen head over heels for this girl, but because of a disability, i hadn't been able to get my drivers license. I have thought about it hard, and the reason why I kept pestering her was insecurity on my part about not having it and not being mature or good enough for her. Well, I was able to pass my drivers test this week and I have officially gotten my license. I am SO thankful for this girl and how independent she is because it really motivated me to face my fear and get my license because I really do want a girl like her. I would love to call her and tell her about how much I appreciate her not giving me a second chance then, but now I would really like one because I feel much better about myself and I could actually be a good


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  • I kinda think this is a movie-like case, and the scene that popped in my mind is you showing up at her doorstep (after she moved) and see what happens next. It sort of understandable that, if she's moving, she doesn't really want anything with you right now. No one really likes long distance relationships; specially independent people. It really seems like she could love you though, but kept everything to herself because she's leaving and doesn't want to get too attached and hurt. It was bad and immature from you to ask her what you both were, considering there was no tension between the both.

    But always keep in mind, that as much as you can love her, she might not love you back. Beware of insanity.

  • Shit. This sounds tough. To me, it's seems like a dead end, a no no. She sounds too busy to be in a relationship, especially since she's going to medical school. Perhaps there could be some divine intervention and she magically changes her mind, but for now it seems she has made her decision. I feel sorry for you, as you really do care about her, but she isn't able to feel the same way. My only advice is get ready to move on and don't get your hopes up, because this will probably end in a way you don't want it to. Keep trying, but don't be completely begin her and annoying her, cause that'll just make her want you even less.

    Perhaps you guys could meet up in the future. You still have what you have with her. Life surprises you, don't forget that.

    Good luck, hope all works out. Feel free to update me.

  • Dude she said no. You have to morn and move on to the next girl.


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