How to start a conversation with a guy who doesn't even know I exist?

This guy and I went to university together 5 years ago. I think we talked only once in a bus and that's it lol. We went to different courses. I'm pretty sure he was flirting with me back then in a bus but I wasn't interested so I didn't prolong the conversation. I had a boyfriend as well. Well anyways I did added him on facebook few years ago and he accepted me but we never wrote to each other. So yeah it's been like 5 years and this guy is so freaking hot now (has been for quite some time)! He keeps posting pictures of himself all the time and damn I just really want to have sex with him! Maybe even something more, who knows. But every time I see his pictures I get this urge to write him and I just don't know what to say? He is single by the way. Help guys? :D


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What Guys Said 2

  • Copy and past this question minus the last sentence. :-)

    • Hahaha you crazy! :D I can't start with telling him how I want to have sex with him! :D I got burned once when I said the same thing to one guy. He came to my place ready for sex but when I saw him in person I wasn't attracted anymore. :/ It was so awkward and I felt so dumb.

    • Ouch! That sounds harsh.

      Just start with 'hi im ____ i dont know if you remeber me but we went to _____ together'. Im just catching up with some old friends and wondering how everyone has turned out. So, what are you doing these days?

  • "Hello. My name is ______."


What Girls Said 1

  • Hi do you still remember me?

    • That sounds good. Then if he says "yeah I do what's up?" what do I respond? :D

    • Ask him about what is currently happening with his life

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