Never kissed a girl, but I've practiced! Is this normal?

I've never kissed a girl before or been in any sort of relationship but there was this girl I really liked and I so badly wanted to kiss her and a lot of times I've "practiced" on my pillow lol and I'll usually think of her and it's really odd because I'll think of her and I'll still get such butterflies even from the thought of kissing her! It's crazy! and sorta embarrassing lol.

I honestly feel insane for asking this haha but is this even normal?


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  • yes everyone does it one time or another.. you badly need to be kissed though lol :)


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  • lool that's cute

    both sound normal to me regardless ... shoot I've tried the pillow thing bck in my day lol

    as for the butterflies...well you said ur imagining her when ur doing it, so that's probably why...anytime you see her ur get butterflies/nervous, and the imagination can get soo surreal sometimes lol

  • You need to get from the pillow to the girl itself! Don't worry, I used to practice kissing my hand before I got my real first kiss.


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  • I think it's normal, don't worry.

    But no need to practice on a pillow. It won't hlp you the slightest, it's not even near the same as the real thing.

    Good luck, pal ;)

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