What's going to happen to millennial women when they their hit 30's?

1. Thanks to feminism and role model like kim kardashian and so forth who promote being a slut is something to be proud of.

What's going to happen to millennial women when they their hit 30's ?
Many young women have embrace their sluttyness, which they will promptly hide and pretend they don't do when they find a BF/Husband material candidate.

2. Many young girls have adopted the behavoir of treating men as disposable utilities. Basically like mini aps on their phones when they need something; unless of course you are rich and/or look like this:
What's going to happen to millennial women when they their hit 30's?
Then they WANT TO LOVE you and get a relationship from you to show off to their friends. These are happy to fulfill this fantasy of giving them the sex they want but won't commit.

3. The circle jerking on social media girls do amongst themselves where they inflat their own egos of how perfect they are and they deserve the very best. This is further excibated by white knight males.

4. More women are graduating more than men and will be earning more. Old rule of hypergamy is still ingrained in women's mind and they won't feel happy in a relationship with a man who makes less than her.

It's Not Your Imagination, Single Women: There Literally Aren't Enough Men Out There

So the question is:

Since women are more unhappy when they are in a relationship with men on their level or lower, and eventually they are going to be on that biological clock time and lose out to younger women in the dating/sex game by the time they hit 30's. What's going to happen to their relationship prospect for millenial women in thier 30's?


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  • "White" knights might do this. Honest knights, however, will only shield her from abuse. But will still call out her shit.


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  • A lot of girls aren't like this. The ones who aren't married by 30 are gonna keep having fun and fucking other people's husband until they die 😂
    I don't want to get married until I'm in my thirties. Then I want to have a baby before 35. But my boyfriend wants to get married when I'm 23 and have a kid by the time I'm 25.

    • You may not think it now, but he has the right idea.

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    • * perform now the way that

    • We'll see lol not in a rush to be barefoot and pregnant 😂

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  • not sure about the answer to this question as only time will tell, but you were absolutely correct in all your statements except for one detail;

    there are plenty of other single men out there to counterbalance the genders, just not enough single men that live up to modern western women's absurd standards


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