Should I cancel my vacation trip planned with girlfriend?

So my girlfriend and I have been patchy for a while. We are currently long distance but I fly down to see her every other weekend. A recent issue has been on non flying weekends she has been as of late "vanishing " on a Friday or Saturday night. Not that I need constant updates but some communication is needed about what the heck ur doing. So now I had a big San Diego trip planned but have yet to get her ticket. I said to her all I'm asking up until this trip is u communicate this weekend and up till the trip. Well that same night "Friday" after 6pm I don't hear a thing from her until 8:30 am next day in which she says "she fell asleep". Really with no text call nothing on Friday night? I have no way to verify but considering we just had a convo about this hours before and still vanishes I feel no desire for the trip. I know I'll have fun and I hate to cancel but do I look like a chump? The next day she sends me ticket recommendations as if saying ur still taking me even though I don't care. Any thoughts? Am I over reacting. ?


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  • I don't think you're overreacting. Communication is very important in any relationship, but especially for long-distance relationships. If this is something that really bothers you then I can understand why you would not want to go on the vacation. She should be respectful of your feelings and let you know what she's doing on those weekends and why she stops communicating for hours at a time. I would say you should probably try to talk to her about it again before canceling the trip though. Try to work things out and let her know where you are at, emotionally, with her.

  • I hate to break it to you, but it sounds like she's cheating on you.


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