Can you love someone in the matter of 4 days?

I have been in so many toxic relationships it is ridiculous !

I have found someone who makes me feel refreshed in a way. he is the sweetest guy I've ever met.

We have been talking in total for 3 to 4 weeks. Recently he has told me he loves me
And there has been times that i have in my mind wanted to say it but kept it to myself in fear of scaring him off.

Do you think it is possible to fall for someone or grow to love someone so fast in the matter of weeks?


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  • This sounds terribly unhealthy - here's why: most guys don't talk about "love" within 3-4 weeks.

    My goal is not to attack you... but there seems to be an issue between the both of you. When a girl openly says she has been in so many "toxic relationships" I would instantly come to the conclusion that this is actually her fault. Then when a guy talks about love within 3-4 weeks... oh goodness.

    A head on collision waiting to happen.

    • True part about it being my fault for the fact that my heart is naturally attracted to someone that ha been through a lot and mebibeing me I try to show them love and nourishing. Kinda like finding a stray animal off of the streets and knowing that you are going to love them back to hope and life. my fault because I didn't know how to get out of there when it was time too. but from those many mistakes I now understand that Iccan'thelp and love every one who iis not ready to and will easily take my love and kindness for granted.

      I don'tmean in the sense of ffall in love specifically but feeling like you have I've for thatperson already in such short notice

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    • Yes of course I'mgoing to take my time. Iwas jjustasking do you think it is possible to feel like you love someone in such short notice

    • I don't know about girls, but for guys who have options, not so much. There is initial physical attraction obviously, but full out love takes time.

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  • No, sounds like the possible start of an unhealthy relationship.

    • It just sounds lustful. I've had my fair share of relationships like that. They don't turn out well. Just from personal experience, I'd say slow down and just see how things go first.

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  • I can't even like someone in such a short period of time haha! Let alone love, I need at least 1 or 2 months!
    But I think it's possible! If the 2 of you talk a lot !

  • I think its possible. I knew I loved my boyfriend the first night we hung out and we have been together almost three years (:


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