How Do I Make a Good First Impression On The First Day of College?

I am starting college this September and I'm really excited!!! I am currently living in a small town and going to a very dull high school with only 160 kids. My college will have +35,000 students and that seems very overwhelming. I'm looking forward to flirting with cute boys ( I'm super boy crazy) and making a bunch of new friends. What should I wear and how can I attract boys?


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  • girl calm your hormones down!!! I like that you want to dress to impress but don't wear anything outrageous like six-inch stilettoes or copious amounts of makeup!!! Be nice and friendly to everyone and remember to be yourself!!!


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  • You go walking and then you make your books fall on the ground.
    Guys will surround you...

    • hahah i will definitely try that one...

  • wear shorts, be reasonably attractive and smile!!!


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