Is he into me? Did I give the wrong impression? I want to message him but don't want to look needy. Should I wait or should I message him now?

I go to this club nearly every week. I saw this cute guy there and the next thing I know, he's coming over to talk to me. He said he doesn't usually walk up to girls in clubs and explained he'd never seen me in there before (I usually go on a different day) because he goes there every week. He asked me what music I'm into and we talked about this band we both like for a bit. We laughed and there was some subtle flirting. After a while he said he should go back to his mates. Before he left he asked for my number or facebook. He said facebook might be better as he's on it most of the time. He passed me his phone to add myself. Then he went back to his mates. I was a bit drunk, so I was worried I scared him off.
Later on another guy came over and was asking me something. He couldn't hear what I was saying so I typed it in on his phone. I was worried this looked like I was giving him my number. Maybe this could have put the cute guy off? He tried to flirt with me and asked for my number but I said no.

The next day I expected a message from him but nothing. Then nothing for the whole week. I was at the same club again the week after. I decided to message him asking if he'd be there tonight. To my surprise, he replied straight away and explained that he wasn't sure if he would be out because his mates were having some issues and if he did come out, it would be really late. I took my friends advice, which was to play hard to get. So I said 'okay, cool'. He didn't turn up that night. Now I think I should have sent a nicer reply. I wanted to message him again the next day but didn't know what to say. I was thinking of waiting until the week after when I'm at the club again, to ask him if he'll be there that night.

Should I wait or message him before and try to start a conversation? He's a bit older than me so I don't want to look needy or desperate. Did I give him the wrong impression or did he change his mind? If I message him, what should I say?


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  • Message him now.

  • Message him.


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