Does he actually want to get me preggers?

I ask this because for a start, we have never had sex. Been together nearly a year now and he's 8 years older. So, he's 30 and I'm 22. I'm also still a virgin.

there's great chemistry and sexual attraction between us. When we met, I'm pretty sure he wasn't struck on the idea of kids. He knew I wanted them a lot and eventually, he came round to the idea.

So, when things are getting frisky... he'll sometimes say 'let's make a baby' or 'I want to make a baby'. He also likes to kiss and caress me sometimes telling me about how we will move in together, then get married and then he'll get me pregnant and we'll have a baby.

He's also told me he thinks I'll make a great mum and sometimes, he'll jokingly say things like he's going to 'kick me in the ovaries' etc. He also blatantly asked me the other day if I was 'up the duff' because I said I'd put a good few pounds on.

So, yeah, do you genuinely think he wants to be a dad? I'm broody and all, but I'm not sure I want to get pregnant from my first sexual encounter. What do you think?
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  • He's using this as dirty talk.
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  • The thought of having sex/babies is turning both of you on.
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  • You both seem pretty broody.
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Broody mean clucky e. g wants to have kids
So yeah! Keep voting, will be closing this Q soon :)


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  • totally agree with @truthbeknown , I've used the same lines myself. I mean, in a relationship with a young (probably hot) girl and never tapped that not even once... i'd be beside myself being so horny.
    I had a girl that made me wait 8 months because she was a virgin... believe me, if i hadn't promised to be faithful... i would have been plugging everything in skirt during that time period... and what makes it worse was that she always wanted to be handsy or get naked and cuddle... by the time she went home... i was literally in pain down there... ended up rubbing my dick raw after every visit...

    so yea... its just a line to get you to have sex. speaking of which... Why haven't you had sex yet?

    • You really think? He is so protective over me in the sense that he stops things if he feels they're going too far... but he still says things like this. I think part of him does want kids. He is thirty after all.

    • We've not had sex cause... I guess I have an issue with sex... 😳

    • yea... well... i don't blame ya. Knowing a lot of virgins and being with a few myself, believe me, i know the issues lie with you. thats why i encourage virgins to just get rid of their virginity, that way, its not about fear anymore but choice. then you Choose to fuck whomever. I never forget to add that they should give it to someone they Want to give it to... that way, there are no regrets later. by virgins, i mean both male and female.

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  • wtf is broody?

    • Broody means clucky

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    • oh, well excuse me. I finished high school awhile ago. ;)

    • I just thought those were general terms that people were familiar with. My bad.

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  • Hmmm, I think he is using kids as a reason to have sex. 50/50 between just wanting sex and actually wanting kids.

    • That's what I thought. I think he does want them. And he knows that the thought of having kids turns me on (I think it turns him on too) but yeah, I do think he wants sex more say.

  • Probably not! I think he is just horny

    • Fair play! He's been keen to to in without a condom though... I think it's a mixture of both.

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