I met a nice guy who treats me amazingly... But I kinda just want to hoe around a bit? If we haven't made it exclusive, do I have to tell him?

We are 21.
I kinda just recently started dressing up and going out more. Visually, I am really a head turner if I may say so myself. I'm not full of myself, but I am well aware of my physical attributes (and have been told endlessly about my attractiveness). But it happened just recently since I had a late puberty. I used to have severe acne and I was awkward af. I've only slept with 2 guys so far, one was my boyfriend and the other was a player. After my recent experience with this player, he really did a number on my heart. He broke me continuously and now I just don't believe in love at all (so classic I know). I just wanna live it up and have sex randomly and safely, when I want it and with who I want. I don't want anything more because I am genuinely afraid to feel again because of the disaster I was just in.

I met this amazing guy. Visually, he is average. But our personalities click 100%. And he has totally fallen for me. He keeps mentioning the word girlfriend, saying he'll never leave, how happy he is he met me, he can't believe his luck etc. He already is buying me flowers and coffee and praises me like non other. I LIKE him and want him in my life but I don't want to hurt him either. We've only made out. I don't plan on having sex with him soon. However, I'm talking to like 10-20 other potential guys and although I will only sleep with maybe a couple or 3 or 4, I feel guilty.

I don't know what to do because I DO want something real but I also don't bc the previous guy destroyed me for the last few months. I just got back my life and I just wanna have fun. What do I do?


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  • Wow, people like you are what makes women haters so prevalent.

    Of course you have to tell him. Of course he will be hurt. And If you keep him around and toy him along just to have a guy to fall into after you've, 'hoe around', you dont deserve him.

    Choose to slut around - thats great, i love sluts.
    Choose to be a good girlfriend - also great.

    Dont try and be both

    • I don't know I'm ASKING I think that makes me a considerate person because I am thinking of his feelings as well

    • ... That is very true, sorry for going so aggro. Its wrong of me to expect you to know how men will react to new situations

      I've been on the recoeving end of that, and it breaks my guts to see other guys going through it too. Took me awhile to get over that anger.

      Maybe I'm a bit emotionally compromised.

  • You do need to tell him.


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