Whats going on, what should I do?

We spent all Thursday together (school), and she flirted a LOT. I have known her for some time and this was out of ordinary for her. Asked her to hang out, and she said yes. Tried to schedule over text, but no responses. Got a response when asking a different question, 1-2 word replies. She works a lot, but if she was intreseted, wouldn't she at least take the get back to me (she was posting on social media the whole time too)?

Took the hint and backed off contact. She texts me saying it was an emergency, and needed help (really wasn't). Helped her, and then she said "Thanks g, you the bomb". Ends up she didn't really need the help. I then text her the next day, few messages, few no responses. I feel like she's just keeping me on the line, or playing games, or just plain playing me. Thoughts, ideas, advice?


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  • You need to wait. Wait a little bit and if it doesn't pass, confront her kindly about it. But don't be overly nice about it or she'll might take advantage


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