Maybe im overthinking but did I do something wrong?

I have been texting this guy i like and last night he called me to talk. We talked for 90 minutes on the phone and it went awesome. I texted him this morning saying how i enjoyed talking to him last night and that i liked him. No response. I text him around 3 in the afternoon what he's up to and he said he was with his daughter i responded but he didn't say anything back. I texted him again two hours ago and haven't heard anything. Did i text him too much or maybe after talking to me on the phone he doesn't like me? I dont know what to think!


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  • yup you texted him to much. Relax he is most likely just spending a day with his daughter.

    • Lol i have no idea i hate texting cause i always feel like im bugging who im texting. I hope you're right

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  • Well I think the best thing to do now since u have texted a lot w/o a response today is to do the hard thing and wait for him to text u and then wait a little longer to reply so u don't seem desperate, it is hard to do though.

    • I think i will do that. I hate always texting the guy first but at the same time you want them to know you're interested. Its tricky i guess

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