How to date online?

I just recently started using Tinder and I gotta say it's a lot of fun! But I don't know how this works lol. So for example, this guy and I were texting all day yesterday and he asked me on a date. I said yes and we agreed to see each other on Friday because he is out of town until then. But he didn't text me today at all. I'm not sure if this is okay? Did he loose interest? I never used dating sites/apps before so I need a little insight on how it works! :D


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  • I wouldn't just jump to conclusions yet. Maybe he's busy or something. Besides everyone needs space.

    Now if he constantly doesn't respond then yeah that'd be a red flag.

    • I texted him "how's in?" and he didn't respond to that. Not sure if he even saw it, because it was on Tinder, maybe doesn't have wifi there... I didn't texted him anymore.

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  • I wouldn't say he lost interest. Some people don't like texting all day long. Do you prefer to meet with him first before exchanging numbers?

    • Yeah I'd like to meet up before exchanging any more details about each other. But, I mean, one "hey, how's your day?" text would be nice, you know, because I might loose interest if he doesn't text at all til weekend. And to be honest, there's a lot of other guys as well.

    • I hear you. Just wait and see if he checks in with you about your plans on Friday. If he doesn't them on to the next one!

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