He friendzoned Me, but now he's telling me he's still attracted to me?

I decided to ask him why he friendzoned me and he said he wouldn't call it friendzoning.

He said he wanted something more physical and didn't think it was fair on me considering I'm still a Virgin, so he ended it. He asked why it had taken me so long to ask. I figured this out myself so I didn't bother asking him his reasons before this. I let know that communication helps a great deal. All he had to do is talk to me, so we could understand each other. I'm a Virgin but that doesn't mean I didn't want things to progress lol. I didn't tell him the last part though.

He said he's still around if I ever need a hug or shoulder to cry on. I laughed and said that's what people say when they are friendzoning you. He went on to say he was still attracted to me and sometimes hugging leads to other things? Am I wrong in thinking he's considering dating me again?
I have a bad feeling about this...


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  • Why didn't you tell him that last part?

    • I didn't want to go too deep into it. What do you make of the situation?

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    • How'd it go?

    • So far nothing has happened. He's been in contact more...

      He made a joke about eating me a couple days ago *Cringe* (sounded very sexual) and he complimented my legs in my display picture. So normal guy behaviour. Not sure where to do from here!

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  • He feels attracted to you, but he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you. He simply wants to have sex.

    • Yeah that is the conclusion I've come to myself. I feel like a piece of meat. Thank you :)

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