Would you ever date someone with braces?


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  • I had braces and my boyfriend had braces. We were dating at the time. And my cousin is an orthodontist. She happens to have been BOTH of our orthodontist. And she happened to be the one who worked on my boyfriend right after we started dating and she plops down, sticks her fingers in his face, and goes, "So I hear you're dating my cousin." lmao

    She told me that she was just waiting for the day where we'd have to come to see her because we got our faces stuck together. Thankfully that never happened.

    But yes, I'd date someone with braces.

    • That is very cute that you both had braces. At least you both didn't get them stuck together kissing or something like that. They probaly would had hurt. Lol I bet that was so awkward that your boyfriend got introduced to your cousin that way. That is funny.

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    • Yeah... but it had to happen.

    • Yeah that is true.

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  • Yes. I had braces for 4 years and guys thought it was hot, lmao.

    • Lol that is nice and cool. Im glad guys liked them on you. Lol they probably thought you was cute as well besides the braces. lol

    • lol I just never found myself attractive with braces or glasses lol. So it would always shock me. I got my braces off junior year in high school and my contacts in senior year. Still, 4 years later, people will be like "I love you with your glasses!" lol.

    • Lol that is funny that people liked you with glasses on even today. So much time past and they still remember you wearing glasses. lol

  • If my sexy got braces, yea, I would still be with him. He's hot af so a little metal smile would look just as amazing on him
    I'm in love😍😍😍

  • I have already. It's not a bad thing.

  • Yes...


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