HELP: What to do about a girl that wants to break up?

So, been dating this igrl for 4 months and things are good. Her situation is special since she's a foreign student and lives with a family, but has a car. She visits me 15 miles away every weekend. I've offered to drive up, but she says that doesn't make sense.

She says she doesn't see me trying and she is the one with all the effort whereas mine isn't equal. She has gotten frustrated about it. Right now, she's looking for another place and leaving her host family, hinting about figuring out a place to go. Offered to help, but she is hinting at us living together. I am not ready for it.

She says she can't do this anymore. She really likes me a lot, but this is hard on her.

What should I do?
more thoughts to share?
any other thoughts?


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  • You should let her go.

    • Why?

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    • I already told you. She said she cannot do it anymore. What's so difficult to comprehend?

    • Maybe she was overreacting at the time? It's a big mood swing from, "let's go shopping!" to "I can't do this!!" isn't it?

What Guys Said 2

  • If she wants to break up then you should respect your wishes.

    • Why is that? Why not try to stay together?

  • If you don't really want to live with her, maybe it's a good time to let her go!

    • I like spending time with her and hanging out. But I'm not ready to live with her or move in together yet. She's a great person.

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    • @Daynada She said she loves me. But can't do it, she wants someone that feels the same. I told her I really like her. I'm not quite there.

    • Yeah, it happens

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