What is the real reason of meeting guys/girls?

Do you meet guys/girls for

1. Thinking already the guy/girl you meet it could be your future bf/gf and may be your future husband or wife if things keep going fine, as that is your focus when you meet someone.
2. Your focus is just to have tht person as a friend and probably become good friends as you hang out more often but you are not thinking in a relationship with that person anytime soon or not at all.

The same question for guys regarding girls.


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  • 3. to have fun/enjoy life with her, hopefully most of the time naked;-*

    • So that means practically numer 2. No future relationship at all just to hang out enjoy the person company but without thinking of anything serious with that person even if you becme friends for a long time.

    • 1.5?

      1. is too serious involved and is a nightmare (IMHO)
      2. sound like just friend (completely platonic) not even Friends with benefits.

    • so taht is something in between? Something like that happened to me and Im still wondering what a guy I like blew me off

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  • Right now? I only meet people in order to keep them around as pals.

    • I mean right now or in the near future

    • I wish the guy I like thought like you that but he blew me off assuming I wanted something more serious with him.

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