What would you do in my shoes?

I have liked this girl for some time now, but she always liked other people. I sort of moved on, and we just became close friends. Her and I have always joked around, told each other things now, and so on. Recently, she became super flirty and outgoing with me, hinting at wanting to hang out and so forth. To feel out the waters, I had to go to the mall and pick something up (Picking up a gift for a shared friend at school). I asked her if she wanted to come with and she said yea, she seemed happy bout it too (it was going to be just me and her, so I could just talk to her and figure her out). Whenever I asked when she wanted to go, she kept brushing it off, I would text her and she would ignore it. Then, she ignored me the whole weekend whenever I tried to text her anything.

Fast forward, I got to school, and she talks about how she wanted to go to the mall, and get the gift with me. I was sort of pissed, seeing as I asked a ton, and had to get this gift soon. Kind of ignored her, and I think she took notice. She started waving to me, and going out of her way to meet me in different areas. Then she even walked with some other guy, and looked at me, waved and bumped into me when she was walking with him (they went on 1 date, but she doesn't really like him she said). It felt like she was trying to make me jealous.

I decide I'm going to try and ask one more time, but since I didn't see her the rest of the day, I had to text her. Asked if she still wanted to go, and she said depends since she works. I said, I don't mind waiting but when would you be free to go? No reply but read it, ask 1 final time, saying sort of hey, It would be great if you came along, but I need to know if you are or not, so I can get this. Again, no reply, ideas, thoughts?
Note: The last message I sent, she hasn't read but is messaging other people and posting on social media. I'm just irritated now.


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  • i would not expect anything from her in a way of a relationship. i would move on and find someone who will give you the things she will not.


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