Girls, What kind of girl is best for me?

We all know people of all different looks can get together & be happy but for the majority of us we have a limit of the looks our potential partner can have. Assuming my partner woud be in this "majority" meaning she has a limit to looks, what kind of girl would I likely match with? Pictures & descriptions would be most helpful! :-)Girls, What kind of girl is best for me?


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  • I mean you're fairly attractive and you seem nice, so I'd hope you'd attract someone who is just as attractive and nice as you. And someone who is beautiful.

    • Is there a picture you could put up so I can get an idea of a girl on my level of attractiveness?

    • I would but I don't know how to add a photo in here

  • Ohh you look like a pretty boy! You know what I always say! Musicians are always attractive! (:

    • pretty boy? ha ha ha

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    • lol, ugh i like sweet girls... but if it came down to looks (in a world where only a 7 could get with a 7 for example) what kind of girl would i be paired with? pictures are helpful

    • Anything possible! (:

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