What do you feel when you like someone?

So when I was 15 I had this crush on a guy. But when I talked to him I would feel goosebumps but he turn out to be an ass
Anyways fast forward to now I am 21. I like this guy but I dont feel goosebumps when I talk to him. Although I my cheeks turn slightly I wish I could talk to him longer and have even thought of how would it feel if I kissed him. So I have never really had a boyfriend. So guys/girls what do you guys feel when you like someone?


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  • If what you're feeling is more than just physical attraction & puppy love...

    Get nervous around that person.
    Want to spend more time with that person.
    Feel happiness whenever come across that person (even online).
    While thinking about them instead of having sex there will be thoughts of hugging, snuggling, holding hands and glomping that person.
    Hard to control smile, to hide happiness caused by that person.
    Faster heartbeats.
    Sudden surge of courage, motivation and inspiration to do something when you think about that person.


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  • It depends on the situation.

    The first guy I really liked, I was in high school and had classes with him. I looked forward to seeing him everyday and would get excited the period before that class. If he was absent it was sad lol. I got really nervous talking to him but also got the butterflies and all that. I thought about him a lot and reflected on our interactions. We flirted but nothing ever happened.

    The second guy I had feelings for, I was just friends with him at first and didn't care much if I saw him or not, I just thought he was cute. But that somehow turned into seeing each other everyday and spending most nights with each other and having a "thing." It was very different. I didn't really get nervous and didn't get butterflies just because he poked me or something like I did with the first one. I guess because we broke those barriers. We kissed like a week or two after we met and were always touching each other. I did think about him all the time but it was different bc I was also always with him. When I wasn't.. it wasn't a good feeling. I got attached, and couldn't sleep without him..

    But he made me happy, made life feel different. I think I was in love with him.

    • So thats what I mean you say i felt butterflies with the first guy. but not with the second I wonder why that happens.

    • Maybe because it isn't as new. But that doesn't make it not as good.

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  • I feel like that feeling you get when you're hungry then someone shows you pizza

    • hahahaha... true thats one of the greatest feeling ever.

    • 😂 naw I'm just eating pizza rn so that's all I can think about

    • lol😂😂

  • I feel like I have to always have something to say that makes her smile.

  • I feel orange.

  • I can't ejaculate when I watch porn when I like someone... Very disgusting probably & TMI but true


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