How should I go about this?

Guys I've never been on a date before and a guy I've barely been talking to for a week has asked me on a date. I don't know what to wear or what we are going to do? He told me to text him to confirm when I'm free. When should I do that? And should I ask him what we are gonna do?


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  • I've been in your shoes I know how you feel! What I would do is just say your free Wednesday. Just tell him hey I'm free Wednesday what would you wanna do. Maybe add a smiley face if you've done that over text with him before. Hope I helped and good luck you'll have fun :)

    • I told him I was free Saturday the last time we texted and he told me to confirm later. So should I text him today or tomorrow to confirm?

    • If I were you I would confirm with him tomorrow. Just say we still on for Saturday or something of that nature :)

    • Alright well I texted him. He hasn't replied but I know he will later tonight. :)

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