How long do you wait before you tell someone your talking to, dating, seeing etc you have kids?

There's this guy I've been getting to know and he talks of being serious in the future. I found out that he has a daughter. He has not told me or brought up the fact that he has kids. He doesn't know I know he has a child. Should I be worried he's in a sense hiding something.

I dated a guy before and he told me the second day. He said I have a daughter and I'm not ashamed. My parents aren't ashamed of me so why should I be of her.

Should I take a step back considering he never told me he has a kid. What should I think of this?


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  • Right away obviously. Imagine he falls for me but doesn't want to raise kids or be a father. And then all of a sudden I say "Oh.. by the way I have a kid."

    And then the age of the kid is also a biig factor.
    This is a huge thing. Keeping it hidden is wrong.

    • The guy is 28 his daughter is 9 I'm almost 20. But remember he doesn't know that I know.

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  • Its always hard to know when to tell them - I mean I don't go around saying "Hi I'm xxx and I have a kid". Usually when the topic of what you do on the weekends or talking about family I will say it then. Or if I get asked I will be upfront and tell them. Of course I dont try to hide my child as I am proud of her. But yes I usually find they know one way or another by the second date. Just ask him if he has kids, even if you say "I can't believe I haven't asked you already but do you have any children" and see his reaction - you will very quickly be able to tell if he was hiding it or not. He might just have avoided telling you as he was afraid it would affect how you feel about him as I do always wonder if they are not going to want to go out with me when they find out I have a child. But I would prefer it to come out earlier so we can not waste anyones time if it is a deal breaker for them

    • Thanks for MHO :-)

  • Immediately


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