Guys and gals has a pregnancy scare made you withdrawn where you just don't want to meet anyone or deal with the person you were with it is awkward?

I tried to meet up dancing with my friends but I couldn't relax at the bar. I couldn't drink in case I was pregnant didn't really want to meet a guy. Didn't know what was going on in my own relationship. Wasn't ready to talk to him till I got answers. Told him I needed more tests even though I had a negative. He was really nice in the beginning but then I told him I tested negative but still haven't gotten my period. We were talking really well till he was like just accept you aren't are you obsessed with being pregnant or what? And now everything feels awkward still waiting to get in with a specialist Friday. It just feels messed up. And I will let him know when I hear an answer that makes sense. I am super frustrated myself I want my life back to normal too. I deal with the uncertainty 24/7 every choice I make. I think the convo ended on a more positive note. I am thankful for the good communication. I just feel like it got contaminated. And I just don't go out with my friends anymore till my life is back to normal.


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  • I haven't dealt with a pregnancy scare that bad yet, thankfully. The closest I got was when my period was a week or so late after months of having been perfectly regular, after we had just so happened to have had sex while I was supposedly ovulating that cycle.

    Thankfully it turned out to be a false alarm but my boyfriend was great. He kept asking if I got my period yet, and when I'd tell him no and start freaking out, he'd comfort me. Tell me he's sure that I'm fine, and if not, he'll come with me to any necessary appointments to terminate it.

    Hopefully you'll be fine too. Periods can sometimes be late for no particular reason, or a month can be completely skipped. Regardless, I'd really start questioning how worth it it is to keep a guy who shows zero support in times like this. When you need him by your side, and he already makes it clear that when push comes to shove, he's out at his convenience. :/


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  • Like he said except it your not pregnant


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