Stop pushing him away with my anxieties?

My guy is away at uni & friends with a lot of girls.
He told me he loves me more than he has loved anyone.
I am getting really anxious & jealous unnecessarily & am afraid that I am going to ruin it because of that?
He has already started getting less affectionate by text message & im afraid I'm pushing him further.

What at do I do?


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  • I struggle a lot with anxiety and insecurity too. The good thing though is that my boyfriend is supportive and tries to help me when I get jealous instead of becoming less affectionate. Reason behind it is that usually feelings of jealousy are a cover up for deeper rooted issues and insecurity is one of them. I feel like you could be suffering from the same problem. What works for me is to remind myself that a) My boyfriend made a choice to be with ME and not some other girl b) he loves me c) I love myself. There's a reason your partner saw something in you and if you two are close to one another and feel happy in the relationship then there's very little chance that something is gong to happen. Don't let your jealousy drive a wedge between you two. Try to get to the root of the problem and deal with it like that.


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  • I understand how you feel and have been where you are. I think you should trust him and let him know you do. Support him and when he says he's going out etc say "hope you have a good time". If he still acts less affectionate then tell him how you feel, or try giving him a call instead of texting :)

  • What exactly is making you insecure about the situation?


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