Does this girl like me? please help girls?

She was shown me signs of flirting- ie. smiling, staring, laughing, touching etc so i told her i like her, she said she has a boyfriend and she is not sure if she likes me more than friends... but she still stares at me, and touches me, initiates convo etc. Should I ever tell her i like her again? should I just leave it and wait for her to tell me?


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  • I think she likes you. But because she is in a relationship, she is figuring out what she wants. Whether she wants to be with you or with her boyfriend.
    But I shouldn't tell her again. You've made your point. Just leave it and wait.

  • She said she has a boyfriend, so you should probably not flirt with her. Unless you want her to cheat on her boy of course. I guess you can still like her if you want, but I'm guessing it'll hurt. Maybe she's just really confident and likes talking to you but that may not mean she's totally into you.


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