Do you think non virgin guys should NOT date or marry virgin girls?

many girls attacked non virgin guys who prefer virgins. I wonder if those girls would attack non virgin girls who prefer virgin guys or whether they would attack virgin girls who prefer non virgin guys. Lol I think they wouldn't

  • yes because that makes non virgin guys hypocritical
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  • no because non virgin guys can date virgins if they want.
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  • Those girls you referring to , probably lost their virginity to one of those guys they now blaming and they now feel somehow used and thrown away. Conclusion, dont put it out so easy , be more selective

    • as for dating people can date whoever they like i couldn't care less

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  • i am not virgin, and i won't do my mistake again
    only virgins girls allowed

  • I think it really is a question of choice, being virgin just means you haven't had sex, after all.


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  • I rather my guy not have a long history of girls! I want be the first one or the few who can taste the soda pop lol

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