Should I go on a second date when he decides he wants one?

I met a guy on a dating site in January and we went out for dinner on 5th February. The date went well, we didn't kiss but we got on really well and he text me afterwards and seemed really keen. After a couple weeks went by he was still texting and we kept trying to organise another date and he was always busy and said he had a lot on, and had personal things to deal with. I ended up telling him I didn't think it was gonna go anywhere and wished him all the best however he still texts me almost everyday, I'm not too sure if I should go on a second date if he does ask again? Or if I should just stop the texting as it feels like he's just keeping me keen and has no intentions of seeing me again even tho he says he does! Why would he be acting like this? He is 33 so it's not as if he is immature


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  • I think you should stop texting him.


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