How do I know if I'm being played or stringed along?

Been talking to this guy for a little over a month. We text a lot and FaceTimed twice. Recently drove to meet him. He's very sweet. He took me to 2 different restaurants. Paid for them as well. We hung out at my hotel as well. However, he didn't initiate anything sexual. Took me to his favorite places - and drove me all the way around town. Went to his place and we chilled. He cooked me dinner and kept thanking me for coming out to hang out with him. Didn't try to kiss or anything, however he asked to see my tattoos. I had to leave and he dropped me off. Car ride was silent. He thanked me again I hugged him. I thought after that j wasn't really going to hear from him. However, he texted me when I got home that he really enjoyed hanging with me and that he will come to my city soon because he wants to get to know me better and he really likes me. I replied saying I would like to get to know him better too. Didn't say j liked him back. I don't believe anything until it comes into fruitation. Now, when I was at his house I saw that he had a cheetah couch and cheetah mats in his car. He said they are from his ex from a long time ago. He said they broke up when he was 19, he's 21 now. His home didn't have any indication a girl lived there except the couch. How do I know I'm not being played. He's a cool person to hang out with but I need to know if I need to cut my feelings off before they get too serious. I can be friends with the guy forsure, just don't want to get hurt.
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  • i dont think that he's lying or anything like that. from what you told there's nothing fishy about him. i think he's a good guy and you should go for him.


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  • What makes you think he is playing you?

    • The polls on here and a friend thinks he has someone on the side. I don't know. He seems too good to be true.

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    • Hmm.. I guess I don't have any reason? Usually, when I know someone is playing me or has bad intentions I get a gut tingling feeling. With him I don't have that feeling. I guess I'm doubting because a friend is telling me he has someone on the side. I usually talk to her with questions like that.

    • Yes but can she back up reasons? It would be sad to ruin a potentially good relationship based on a friends gut feeling. We all have different levels of perception. Maybe yours is stronger than hers. I would never go against my OWN gut, but at the same time... i would never make a decision based on someone else's perception of a situation. It's your call in the end though

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