What is the best way to turn a guy down when he is late?

Hi, I've started showing interest to one of my classmates since Oct . I showed him multiple times that I'm interested but he was shy and he did not move in. Now suddenly, exactly 3 months before our graduation from law school he asked me out to get to know me better. He is going to attend a course in NY for one year and I'm not sure about his future plan. I like him but I have no choice to reject him because I think it's little bit late to start a relationship. I don't want to ruin our friendship because he gave me some study materials (as a sign of interest) and I'm not comfortable using them if I turn him down badly. I had a plan to lie to him and let him know that I'm with someone and then still be friendly with him for the next 3 months so he can get over it better. I need some advice to handle this situation more efficiently. thanks


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What Guys Said 2

  • Just be straight honest with him and tell him that you're not looking for a relationship cause times ticking and it's better to just say it then to make him wait and think of you more and more I know it might be hard but just do it

  • Why don't you let him know that your career paths are heading in different directions and you don't think it wise to commit to a relationship if you can't see it lasting. Don't lie to him though.

    • he is coming back from NY next year and he may change his plans because of me if I dont lie to him

    • Don't worry about whether he changes his plans or not, if he thinks that you are truly worth it's his prerogative to do so. On the other hand, if you condone lying then do that :p

What Girls Said 1

  • Tell him the truth, but be gentle about it. You don't have to lie to him.


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