What does a guy want for a one year anniversary present?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year in a few weeks so what should I get him? I want it to be something that has meaning but also something he would want and is going to use. I just don't want it to be something that he will only use once or look at and be like oh this is very thoughtful but then I don't see it displayed in his room (girls you know what I'm trying to say bc it's too girly).


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  • A steak, and a nice night doing whatever he wants usually will do the trick.

    But if you need a material idea, the best gifts are always something a person would never buy for themselves. Example, my sister gets me a giant bottle of the most floofy fancy man shampoo she can professionally recommend (she works a salon). Its something I'd never spring for.

    You know you're man, what do you think he needs but would never buy himself?

    • He needs a new laptop but I feel that's too expensive but I don't feel that's an anniversary present. What do you think?

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    • He's on two bowling leagues, works at a coffee warehouse, he likes playing video games, he likes watching wrestling, he likes the Mets and the cowboys, we watch Netflix together, he has two boys (4 and 3). Other than that I don't know

    • Poppycock, its right there. Get him tickets to a ball game with his boys. The season is just around the corner, and its still far enough for him to ask for the afternoon off work.

      Or Wrestlemania, or whatever you think him and the boys will like.

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  • It depends on the guy. We don't know your boyfriend better than you do.


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  • Traditionally it's paper I think and that could mean tickets to something or collectable like baseball cards etc

    • Where did you hear that?

    • Traditional anniversary gifts by year have been around forever. Look up anniversary gifts by year and you'll see the list

  • Cook him dinner and then give him a crazy night 👍🏼
    Unless you not a good cook lol

    • I'm going to school for culinary so... that might work but I want something that's not a typical night.

    • if thats a typical night then good for you lol
      why dont you book a trip or something
      or if he is into fitness book like a mud run like spartan race or tough mudder, something you can look back at and have a story about

  • something that has a bit of you in it. in it.

    • Please explaine

    • like a game you and he like, or, maybe take him to dave&busters and take pics of you and him playing games and a few with both together.

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